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Wise Budget Where Wealth Begins



Very Dynamic, and Affordable!

Define an An Easy To Manage Budget, Fast!

The Wise Budget Includes A Video Course With The Budget Sheet Download, Mac and Windows!

The Wise Budget, is linked to online and offline videos that explain the entire budget sheet in small lessons to get you familiar with the entire sheet and points out all the features and tricks you can use to dynamically manage this budget sheet.

Downloads for the budget sheet are for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Pre Budget Planning Table

The first feature of the Wise Budget is that it allows you to plan a budget by setting income goals, and defining budgets. It shows what your finances will look like, based on a pre-planned budget! It will give you an idea of your monthly expenses, and more accurately so what your entire planned budget will cost you over a year. (Some budgets may not be active for the entire year, but the pre-budget planning table will take all budgets and total them up for a year end amount, deducting them from your expected income, to give a net balance.)

Obviously there are great tips here about rounding incomes down, budgets up and not to over extend budgets to squeeze every last penny, but leave the wiggle room for life, which will help your bottom line outcome for the year end.

Works With Various Pay Periods and Billing Periods

You can define various pay periods and budget amounts. For example if you have a car payment that comes out weekly, you can put this payment into the pre-planning table as a 52 week payment and it will calculate the total amount for the year.

The Income and Expense Month to Month Balance Sheet

Once you defined a conservative budget, then the goal is to over achieve your planned income and under achieve your planned budgets, as you fill in the months budgets. This will increase net balance for the end of the year!

Finances Can Be Fun and Enjoyed as You Achieve Goals Within Your Budget!

If you have no debt, this is extra income you can decide later to invest, give your self a bonus or could be used to help in an emergence. If you are putting all income on a line of credit, this left over balance will help you pay down that balance. even so if you have debt and you are managing your finances well, if you do well on your budget goals, that left over income can be a nice bonus!

The best part about defining a budget and applying good practices to achieve goals is that it's fun to have a budget and watch goals become a reality. It really does not take long to save up for little things you want or even for bigger ticket items!

Month End and Up To Date Measures

Each month tallies the income subtract budgets and shows you a remaining balance. Ideally if you are within your budget plan, you should see a nice tidy plus balance!

Another great feature of the budget sheet is that it will show each budget how on track it is to the pre-defined budget goal. It will show you the remaining budget for the months ahead, and if you are doing better than your pre-defined budget, then that budget amount will become bigger. This is a great system if you want to roll over you plus budgets to grow your balances along the year!

A Percent Based Budget Table

Included in the budget configuration is a percent based distribution table. It will break up a number into the amounts you decide you want to distribute money to over what percentages in your budget. This table is great for taking extra un planned income and spreading it over a percent based budget to add to your existing budget table. This may work for investment income, or other forms of income like a tax credit or month end balance. You month end balance will conflict with the roll over budget plan, so choosing one method over another is most ideal, but there is a way to use both, and that is taught in the video lessons. The roll over budget is really cool if you are very good at staying within your means and or make enough income that you are not struggling to meet your financial obligations as any breach to your pre-define budget, means it may have to go against the roll over budget, there for the month end method would be most ideal, which is a standard way of practicing a budget. (There are tricks and dynamics if you so choose!)

Credit Card Table

It is very important to keep track of your credit card balances and avoid fraud. If you so chose to keep track of how you use your credit cards, this table will allow you to list all your transactions from your purchases and then check off your credit card statement.

A Money Account Table

As this is a budget sheet, when the year is over and you have filled out your budgets, you may have accounts you want to save your money for. This accounts table will be a set of budget accounts that shows money you have saved for which ever budget, and you can easily transfer these accounts over to the next years budget sheet, by a simple copy and paste feature.

Keeps Track Of Your Debt Payment Progress

The money account table also allows you to keep a start of the year record and all debts and then update it quarterly and see how well you are paying down your debts. You will be able to take all debts, add in your current credit card debts and subtract money accounts if you hold them on a line of credit to get a total debt amount at the end of the quarter. You can write this in after you get the quarter end total as a solid number, and then see how the next quarter sums up against the last!

Month Budget Averages

At the end of the year the balance sheet will show a monthly average of your actual costs. This is great for using to create next years budget. If you are over planning your budgets the first year and you over achieved them with great measures, then you can see what your average cost is and round this up somewhat to use as the number in next years pre-budget planning table. If you notice your costs are have been higher than your pre-defined budget, your monthly average at the end of the year will tell you how much you need to adjust your budget!

Great For A Business

This budget sheet works for keeping your financial budgets and expenses tracked with a business. I (Cameron Edwards Developer of Wise Budget and Ace Financial) Use it to track all records for business costs and budgets. It works on a fiscal year, if you want and really just works as a great business accounting sheet month to month, for a 12 month easy to view record of your income and expenses for a balance at the end of each month and the end of the year. Of course this is for your typical home based business type of application. It is perfect for showing a month to month financial balance!

The Wise Budget Is Packed With Great Dynamic Features and a Full Video Course

Get this great product for fractions of the cost of any software. Even software I have tried and I ended up going back to this as it handles so many angles of my budget that software has not been able to match, and if it did, I would not still be using this method for my personal finances today

Honestly, developer and CEO Ace Financial!

Includes Lifetime Membership To Unlock All Features of Ace Financial for only $39.99

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Wise Budget Where Wealth Begins

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